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When in 2007 we started our own webdesign studio - Indigo kids, it was because we wanted to do great work. We took up any challenge in the field of digital technology and visual communication. Through attempts and failures we learned how to understand people‘s expectations and how to deliver great user experiences.

Our interdisciplinary team include a combination of experienced interaction designer, programmers, and business analytics offering expertise in fields related to everything from e-commerce and corporate website to advertisement and branding.

We look at the problem from the customer perspective, where we engage in primary research to fully understand the target audience and how we can improve client’s presence in digital enviroment. We are structured to collaborate closely with our clients to develop a clearer picture of the needs and goals of the people at the heart of your product or service.

Our Philosophy
Elegance Everything elegant is simple; not everything simple is elegant. The goal of elegance is to maximize effect with minimum means. In our work we try to achieve logical elegance, systemic elegance, and aesthetic elegance. We create emotionally warm things, but never cold.
Honesty All human relationships work best when both parties are open and honest. We don’t compromise our values. If we can’t do something or we don’t think it will work we are not afraid to say so. We are honest about our capabilities, knowledge and deadlines.
Courage The fear causes a small problem to mushroom out towards losing all control and authority in the collaboration. We're not afraid to suggest bold ideas, to tell the truth, to defend our point of view, to take responsibility for our own work.
Experience We are not selling a product or man hours, what we’re really selling is the path to the final product. We are selling Indigo Kids: our ideas, our rationales, our experiences. It’s that simple.
We have partnered with great companies like MTV, Oriflame, Philip Morris, Tele2, and Swedbank – as well as countless start-ups, local companies, individuals.

This isn’t just a collection of logos — they represent countless hours and dedication to the partnerships that we cherish. These partnerships have given us design experience and working knowledge in almost every major industry.